Auto Loans

At McMurrey Federal Credit Union, we offer competitive rates on new and used cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. All loans are subject to credit approval.

New Auto Loans:

  • The Credit Union considers a new car to be a current model or last years' model car to January 1 of the next year. To be classified as new, the vehicle must not have been titled to an individual.
    • Financing: 100% of MSRP + TTL + Gap + Warranty
    • Maximum Term: 72 months
    • Dealer worksheet required (Buyers order)
    • Proof of insurance required
    • Exception: Program cars and demonstrators can be treated as new cars.
    • Must have low mileage and the remaining warranty.

Used Auto Loans:

  • The Credit Union may extend credit on used cars at NADA Retail Value + TTL + Gap + Warranty.
    • Financing: NADA Retail + TTL + Gap + Warranty
    • Term limits are based on age of vehicle.
    • Dealer worksheet (buyers order) is required unless buying from an individual.
    • Proof of insurance

We also offer single and joint Credit Life and Disability.