Share Draft Account Policy and Fee Schedule

McMurrey Federal Credit Union has established the following policy and fee schedule effective December 1, 2013.

  1. The credit union reserves the right to obtain a credit report (report from check reporting service like Telecheck) or on new share draft account applicants for approval before the accounts are activated.
  2. All share draft applicants must give complete physical home address. Post office boxes will not be accepted as addresses on share draft accounts.
  3. A minimum deposit of $100.00 is required to open a share draft account.
  4. Ten (10) temporary checks will be issued at the time you place your order for checks from the credit union.
  5. Check reorder charges are automatically posted to your share draft account.
  6. Monthly statements are provided listing all share draft account activity.
  7. Canceled checks are not returned. Copies may be obtained. (See fee schedule below).
  8. Insufficient Funds Policy: The credit union reserves the right to close a member's account after six (6) NSF checks written in a calendar year. Accounts will be reviewed periodically.
  9. Overdraft protection is available when requested by signing share draft agreement with overdraft transfer clause.
  10. Anyone who is eligible for membership in the credit union, at least 18 years old and has a valid drivers license, qualifies for use of share draft accounts. Any organization will be accepted, assuming they qualify for membership.
  11. A member's share account may be charged to cover negative balances in the share draft account due to overdrafts, fees or returned check charges. This is only done to bring the share draft account to a $0.00 balance.