Fee Schedule

Effective 12-01-2013

Share and Share Draft Fees:
Regular Share Account Fee $5.00
Minimum balance Fee $5.00
Share draft NSF Fee $25.00 per presentment
Overdraft protection Fee $5.00 per presentment
Stop payment Fee (Member Acct) $20.00 per item
Stop payment Fee (Teller Ck) $30.00 per item
Account research $10.00 1 hr minimum
Account reconciliation $10.00 1 hr minimum
Statement copy $.50 per copy
Insufficient Fees-Checks drawn on Member's Account with another Financial Institution $25.00 per presentment
Insufficient Fees-Checks issued to Member by other Party $20.00 per presentment
Wire Fee (outgoing) $30.00 per wire
Wire Fee (incoming) $10.00 per wire
Copy of check $1.00 per item
Copy of interim statement $5.00
Counter checks (10 free with first purchase of checks) All others $2.50 per package of 10
Share draft (checks) printing fee Prices vary
NSF Electronic debit return $25.00 per presentment
Late Fees on Loan Payments:
Late charge on 31st day of delinquency $20.00 per loan
Other Service Fees:
Wire Fee (outgoing) $30.00 per wire
Wire Fee (incoming) $10.00 per wire